Would I know you if I saw you?

It's funny, because my kids go to LM, I run into people all the time that I went to school with. Unfortunately, there are many I probably see and don't even recognize after all this time. Just today I was at Panther Fest 2006 at the HS, and Carol (Brown) Everson came up to me. I wouldn't have recognized her if she hadn't said anything, you know? Just FYI, if you have happened to be one of those people I didn't recognize, I'm sorry! It's always great to see one of my old classmates, even if it's someone I was never really close to in school. I hope there's a good turn-out this year for our 20th reunion - Mark and I went to his this past year, and we really had a good time (thanks Gary Duermit)!

And if any of you are brave enough to post "then" and "now" photos, I'm sure we could all use a laugh (lol)!


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