Heard anything about reunion?

I haven't heard anything regarding getting together to plan our 20 year reunion as yet... If you know anything please blog it or email me at kathysalisbury@yahoo.com



Would I know you if I saw you?

It's funny, because my kids go to LM, I run into people all the time that I went to school with. Unfortunately, there are many I probably see and don't even recognize after all this time. Just today I was at Panther Fest 2006 at the HS, and Carol (Brown) Everson came up to me. I wouldn't have recognized her if she hadn't said anything, you know? Just FYI, if you have happened to be one of those people I didn't recognize, I'm sorry! It's always great to see one of my old classmates, even if it's someone I was never really close to in school. I hope there's a good turn-out this year for our 20th reunion - Mark and I went to his this past year, and we really had a good time (thanks Gary Duermit)!

And if any of you are brave enough to post "then" and "now" photos, I'm sure we could all use a laugh (lol)!


Whatcha been up to?

Please share a little about yourself...
... married?
... kids?
... what do you do for a living?
... what are your interests?


20 Year Reunion in 2006

It's almost time to start planning our 20 year class reunion, can you believe it? Feel free to use this weblog I've created to communicate - it's free! If you would like an email invitation to actually join the blog, email me at kathysalisbury@yahoo.com

Who is still local?

If you'd like, comment on this post with your contact information! Hey, at least share your email with us...

What kind of event do you think would be good this year?

These things can either be sort of formal, or be more casual & family-friendly. Any suggestions? What kind of cost is reasonable? Indoors or out? We've only got a few months left to plan and we'd like some feedback...

Are you planning on trying to attend the reunion this year?

If so, post to the blog or email me @ kathysalisbury@yahoo.com